A cash donation helps us source what we can't get through donated supplies,
as well as specialty equipment and ingredients. 
Supply Donations: Needs List
Got something to give? Here's some of what we need. 
Staples and Dry Goods:
+ Flour & Sugar
+ Spices & Seasonings
+ Oils & Fats
+ Broth & Bullion 
+ Rice & Grains
+ Pasta
+ Nuts & Legumes
+ Canned Fruit & Vegetables
+ Dried Fruit & Vegetables

+ Plant-Based Grocery Items
Toiletries & Supplies:

+ Season-appropriate Clothing
+ Socks
+ Children & Baby Clothing
+ Menstrual Products (Pads & Tampons)
+ Condoms & Dental Dams
+ Hand Sanitizer

+ Hand Wipes 
+ Face Masks
+ Bandaids & First Aid Items

+ Soap
Our prepared meals are always plant-based/vegan. 
However, we will not reject donated animal products; those items will still be made available to the public. 

For food safety reasons, we cannot accept raw meat, raw eggs, raw milk and any raw animal products.
Non-shelf-stable animal products delivered to us at unsafe temperatures will also be rejected. 
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